Drive Electric
On Kauai!

At Mission Zero Hawaii, we're dedicated to reducing Hawaii's fossil fuel emissions by providing visitors and locals with zero-emission electric vehicle rentals. From Hanalei to Koke’e, be proud of your miles traveled, and power up with Kauai's 70+ EV charging stations!


Discounts offered on bookings over 7 days! Long term rates available!


our mission

Our mission is to accelerate the integration of electric vehicles (EVs) into society. This provides sustainable modes of transportation while protecting our beautiful island. Mission Zero Hawaii sprouted from a desire to make the tourism industry on Kauai greener and to create a circular economy. We pride ourselves on being Hawaii’s First 100% EV rental company and providing clients with the highest quality electric vehicle rentals.

"We rented from Mission Zero . . . in October 2018. It was one of the best experiences on our vacation to Kauai. We drive an electric car at home and wanted to keep doing that on vacation! Kauai is such a beautiful island and it's small - perfect for charging your car for a bit and keeping the island beautiful. "


"Car was great. But, make sure you have access to electricity at your destination. There are numerous public charging stations on Kauai but being able to continue to charge at your residence would be really helpful."


"It felt great to support the development of EVs on Kauai – the Leaf is such a chill vehicle to ride and really completed our laid back island experience. Keep up the good work!"


"The car was perfect, it was great to see what having an electric car was like and it drove so smoothly! I think its convinced me to go electric with my next car! . . . I would absolutely recommend [Mission Zero] to people in the future!"


"Everything went well. The car was wonderful. It was my first experience with an electric vehicle."



Please select a specific vehicle and submit an initial quote request for your travel dates - we will follow-up via email with either an invoice or our inventory availability.